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Interested in starting your own business? Why risk starting out with the wrong business entity type for your needs, when you could avoid the stress and hassle of potential litigation by planning ahead? Our practice is focused on business formations, which includes consulting with you about your short-term and long-term goals for your business, to adequately counsel you to choose the right business entity form for your new endeavor. Then we also help you to establish the business entity type (LLCs, corporations, partnerships, etc.) of your choice.

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Do you have a written, legally-binding contract in place with your customers and clients? With your vendors? With your partners? By planning ahead, you can save yourself the hassle, time and expense of having to deal with “deals gone wrong” – make sure that you have the right contract terms in place, to legally bind the other parties you do business with, whether they are your partners, customers, or vendors. We have over 10 years of experience in drafting and preparing contracts for businesses in various industries and unique situations, and we can adequately address your business’ legal needs by ensuring that we include the most important terms for your business.

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General Practice

What’s your legal question or legal issue?  If it’s something that we can help you with, we will

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Small Business (General Counsel)

Are you currently running your own business? Do you consider yourself a small business owner? Maybe you have questions about how to hire employees or have a need to draft some kind of contract with a customer. Our practice is focused on being available for you to answer the kind of questions that may come up during the day-to-day operations of your business.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of planning for the future, so that you can take care of everyone you love and properly manage or dispose of everything you own.  This not only pertains to “who will get what” when you die, but also how to best manage your assets while you’re still alive.  If unexpected life events were to occur that could potentially impact your ability to manage your own finances, you would be prepared and rest easy, knowing that you have established vehicles such as a durable power of attorney or advance health care directive.


Everyone needs a will.  Regardless of if you are single with no family, or married with children, unless you want the state of California to dictate where your assets go when you pass away, you will want to have a will in place sooner than later.  Writing a will may help you think about not only the people whom you want to benefit financially, but also what kind of legacy you will want to leave behind.

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By the time a person is married and has their first child, they should already be thinking about establishing a revocable living trust for the benefit of themselves, their spouse and their children as beneficiaries of their estate. 

The rule of thumb to keep in mind with regard to a revocable or “living” trust is that if you own more than $100,000 in assets, you probably need one.  In other words, if you own your own home (chances are, it’s worth much more than that, especially in California), you may need a revocable or “living” trust, in order to avoid a probate administration of your estate when you pass away.

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Durable Power of Attorney

If you were to get into some kind of car accident that left you mentally incapacitated and unable to manage your own finances, this document would ensure that your desires would be executed.  You would have appointed one agent (with two successor agents) to make financial decisions for you, if you were still alive but unable to make these decisions yourself.

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Advance Health Care Directive

Remember what happened to Terri Schiavo?  This document will ensure that your loved ones and trusted friends can make informed decisions about your health care, if something were to happen to prevent you from making these decisions on your own.  In this document, you can write specific instructions about life support treatment, whether you want to donate organs upon death, and appoint at least 2 agents to make health care related decisions on your behalf.

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General Practice

What’s your legal question or legal issue? If it’s something that we can help you with, we will. If we don’t have the expertise to assist you, we will let you know, and then do our best to refer you to someone who can. It is our goal that you get your problems solved and your questions answered to your satisfaction.

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